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Nadia Ryzhakova Art

Black Sheep

Black Sheep

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Archival Giclee Print 'Black Sheep' by Nadia Ryzhakova signed, numbered and embossed limited edition of 80, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

‘Black Sheep’ is a landscape countryside painting inspired by a scene witnessed in Snowshill, the Cotswolds, but a similar landscape could be found in many other places in England. A pack of sheep is sheltering from the sun in the shadow of a tree. An ordinary scene turned into an allegoric image by the appearance of a black sheep on the foreground, at a distance from the rest of the flock. There is some irony about it. The sheep is gazing at the viewer with great curiosity, whereas the crowd of white sheep seems absolutely indifferent to things around them. They deeply engaged with the usual activities: eating and digesting the grass.

'There is a black sheep in every flock'. Have you ever felt like one?

Every print is signed, embossed, numbered and accompanied by a beautiful certificate of authenticity.

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